Urinary system stones


Urinary system stones

Urinary system stones are a deposition of salts in the urine in the form of clumps that increase over time. The stones can be found in the kidneys, ureters, and bladder. Their presence causes problems that many people might suffer from such as urine retention, bloody urine, wounds and bleeding in the organs of the urinary system.

Causes of its formation:

-Lack of urination due to high temperature or strenuous work that necessitates the evaporation of fluids from the body while not drinking enough water. Those two factors contribute to the formation of stones. 

-An increase in the alkalinity or acidity of the urine due to some foods such as meat that contain substances that increase the acidity of the urine, and thus some components and salts such as phosphates accumulate and stones form.

-Pus diseases in the kidneys may result in stones in the components of the urinary system.

-Increase your intake of calcium-rich foods, such as milk and its products, and the treatment here is not a complete ban, but moderation in eating those foods that contain calcium.

-Increased excretion of calcium in the urine due to a disease, an abnormality in the parathyroid gland, or possibly genetic reasons.

-A high level of uric acid in the blood due to nutrition or the presence of diseases or genetic reasons leads to an increase in the proportion of this acid in the blood.

Symptoms of stone infection:

Pain in the area between the last rib and the back muscles accompanied with vomiting or nausea usually means the possibility of kidney stones.

However, the presence of what looks like renal colic with a break in the urine or a decrease in its quantities indicates the possibility of stones in the ureter.

As for the bladder, pain in the urethra with feeling in the opening of the bladder in addition to bloody urine and the presence of interruption in the urine with severe sensitivity in the bladder indicates the possibility of stones in the bladder.

Urinary stones treatment:

There are many ways to treat these stones, whether by using drugs, surgery, lasers, and others, and you can call and book with Dr. Salah Zidan in order to get rid of this painful condition forever.