Erectile dysfunction


Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction can be defined as inability to attain or maintain erection or  the lack of a certain degree of stiffness in the penis that allows men to be able to perform sexual intercourse.

 It is also considered an erectile dysfunction if the stiffness occurs for a temporary period that does not allow the man to perform adequately during sexual intercourse. This impotence may be a temporary symptom or in some cases, it may be a lifelong condition.

To be more aware of this problem, we must know how the erection process occurs?

 In the beginning, we must know that the erection process is closely related to sexual arousal, as the brain sends certain signals to a group of muscles, blood vessels, and nerves of the penis, and then blood flows to this area until these muscles expand to be in a solid position that allows the establishment of the relationship, and the blood flow inside the veins of the penis is the most essential factor in achieving the desired erection.


As for the causes of erectile dysfunction:

– They’re pretty varied but the most important is the psychological state of a person and how feelings of anxiety, tension, or embarrassment contribute to erectile dysfunction.

In addition to the psychological elements, there are also influencing -Physiological factors as the cause of imbalances in the blood flow inside the vessels and some diseases like heart disease and diabetes.

-Medications also can play a major role as taking certain types of high blood pressure medications, chemotherapy drugs for cancer patients or narcotic substances may affect a person with erectile dysfunction.

-Lastly but not least are the hormonal causes, which are an imbalance in some hormones that are secreted in the body, such as hormones of the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland, and some steroids for bodybuilding. The aforementioned are all possible reasons for erectile dysfunction.

Erectile dysfunction treatment:

There are many therapeutic options available to treat this condition, such as medication, topical injection therapy, surgical intervention, and special devices as penile prosthesis surgery. 

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