Infertility and delayed childbearing in men


Infertility and delayed childbearing in men

One of the biggest issues that could face a man is being able to perform his sexual duties without any problems, and yet despite that his wife still does not conceive despite all the appropriate conditions for pregnancy. The wife’s ability to conceive is without fault, but analysis and tests show the presence of some problems with the man.

 Of course, we must have an absolute belief that childbearing is linked to the will of God, but here we are talking about medical reasons that can be cured, and this does not contradict that belief in any way. Science has shown that infertility and delayed childbearing are closely related to the strength or number of sperms produced by the testicle in the man, which is ejaculated into the uterus during sexual intercourse. Some of the problems related to that are the low number of sperm, lack of movement or motility, abnormal morphology or their low quality.

Infertility and delayed childbearing are related to aging, over time the number of sperms that a man produces at one time for ejaculation decreases. Other causes are alcohol, drug abuse, malnutrition, and a lack of some important nutrients in the diet such as vitamin C.

 Cycling is also considered among the causes of this problem.

 Genetics plays an important role regarding low fertility in men as well. Furthermore, smoking may cause impotence and affect the number and quality of spermatozoa.

 Environmental factors, the spread of chemicals in food, and exposure to radiation or radiotherapy play an important role in the existence of this problem.

 Some diseases also play an important role in this, such as diabetes, neuritis, varicocele, and erectile dysfunction.

 As for the treatment of infertility and delayed childbearing, it is based on two main aspects:

-The first is related to the ability of the testicles to produce sufficient quantities of healthy sperm without deformities.

 -The second relates to lifestyle modifications with regards to proper nutrition and general health.

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