Ejaculation problems


Ejaculation problems

Ejaculation refers to the exit of the fluid that carries sperm from the man’s penis during moments of orgasm. There are many problems related to ejaculation as their causes overlap and the methods for treating them vary according to each case. Ejaculation abnormalities rank high on the list of sexual problems that men suffer from,

these are some of their forms:

-Premature ejaculation:

Premature ejaculation is one of the biggest problems men face as it puts a lot of strain on their marriages as well.

 What premature ejaculation means is that the man frequently ejaculates the semen in less than a minute from the beginning of penetration and is subsequently unable to delay ejaculation.

This results in the wife not enjoying the sexual relationship, as the man feels a lack of desire and shrinkage of the penis and that consequently increases tension between spouses.

Premature ejaculation can be because of psychological reasons such as the desire to end the relationship, shyness, fear, erectile dysfunction, feelings of embarrassment, anxiety, and tension. However, sometimes the underlying cause can be physiological such as inflammation of the prostate or urethra, or an imbalance of hormones, especially thyroid hormone.

 To treat the problem of premature ejaculation, a doctor should be consulted because he is the only one who can determine the treatment. There are multiple ways to treat this problem according to each case. Dr. Salah Zedan specializes in treating premature ejaculation problems and has the experience that makes contacting him the most appropriate choice.

 -Delayed ejaculation:

It means the man’s inability to ejaculate sperm after more than half an hour of practice and penetration. Delayed ejaculation in men has many causes that could be either physiological or psychological.

 On the physiological side, congenital defects in the man’s reproductive system are considered as well as the possible presence of problems in the sensation centers of sexual euphoria «orgasm».

  In addition to the presence of some other health problems such as urinary tract infections, some prostate surgeries, as well as alcohol consumption in large quantities, are psychological reasons that do not differ much from the causes of premature ejaculation such as shyness, tension, and differences between spouses.

 As for the treatment, it depends on the ability of the treating physician to determine the cause with the use of psychotherapy and drug therapy, and you can consult Dr. Salah Zedan to completely get rid of this problem. Call and book now.

 -Reversed ejaculation: retrograde ejaculation 

It refers to the inversion of the direction of semen ejaculation where it heads towards the bladder instead of its normal path. To know more about its causes and treatment, you can check out our blog articles on our website.

 – Ejaculation failure:

It is defined as the inability to ejaculate semen completely despite feeling euphoric and reaching the highest levels of pleasure. To know the causes and treatment follow our blog articles on our website.