Pediatric urinary tract


Pediatric urinary tract

The human urinary system in general consists of the kidneys, ureters, bladder, and urethra. When there is a defect in the functions of any of these organs, there is a risk to human health, and in the case of children, problems of the urinary system are among the most prevalent between 2-8% of the population of children. The most common of them are:

  1. Urinary tract infections in a child:

They are some of the most common diseases that a large number of children suffer from and they are one of great concern to parents, as they are widespread among males and females.

The percentage of its prevalence in females is greater due to the shortening of their Urethra. The cause of these infections is oftentimes due to a bacterial infection that can infect these areas of the child’s body. Urinary tract infections are further divided into three types; depending on the location of the infection they may affect the upper area of ​​the urinary system, the middle area, or the urethra.

 Among its causes is the transmission of microbes in the urine or through the blood to the membrane lining of this area. The infection might occur as well due to negligence in the hygiene of that area, where it becomes a suitable environment for the reproduction of those bacteria. They cause the child sharp pain accompanied by crying when urinating.

 Treating these infections at the beginning of their emergence is simple, the real danger lies in neglecting the infection and leaving it for long periods that allow for complications to arise. These complications might present as the child’s refusal to breastfeed, perhaps vomiting as well as severe pain in the lower abdomen.

 2.Bloody urine in a child: Hematuria 

Among the diseases that affect the child’s urinary system is the mixing of urine with blood.

  When that occurs, the family fears for their child’s life, and to be vigilant, a full examination of the child’s pelvic area and kidneys is necessary since bloody urine has multiple possible underlying conditions. Some of these possibilities are a kidney disorder, the presence of stones in the kidneys, or the presence of stones in the ureters or bladder, it may also result from infections of the bladder or urethra, or the presence of pus. Therefore, only a doctor can determine the underlying cause with the help of appropriate examination and imaging.

 Among these diseases is also urinary retention in children:

Treatment of urinary tract problems for children

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