Penis problems


Penis problems

The male organ is not like all the organs of the body, for a man this place represents the focus of many of his interests, and his problems go beyond sexual problems, but rather affect the man’s life in general and his self-confidence, and are also linked to many marital and social problems.

The most important problems related to the penis:

-Erectile dysfunction and permanent erection, premature ejaculation, delayed ejaculation, lack of ejaculation, painful ejaculation, and others. 

We have mentioned their symptoms, causes, and methods of treatment.

-Lack of feeling of pleasure. This could be due to low levels of testosterone or some chronic diseases such as diabetes. Might also be related to some medications or drugs.

-Lack of sexual desire and lack of feeling the need to engage in intimacy, as well as an absolute increase in sexual desire in what is known as sexual arousal.

-Infection of the penis with some diseases that are transmitted due to sex, such as gonorrhea, syphilis, and herpes, all of which are serious diseases that cause severe pain while urinating or while having sexual relations.

-Balanitis and some types of rashes that appear on the penis, which may lead to twisting of the penis or the emergence of more serious developments such as penile tumors and others.

Causes of penis problems:

Unsafe sexual relations with a person who has a sexually transmitted disease such as gonorrhea and AIDS.

Incidence of some physiological diseases such as heart disease, diabetes, and vascular disease

Some types of medication affect the nerves.

Smoking and drug use may lead to impaired sexual ability consequently affecting the overall health of the male organ.

The presence of an imbalance in the hormones secreted by the body in addition to the presence of nerve abnormalities.

There are many psychological reasons that greatly affect the ability of the penis to carry out its functions in the marital relationship.

Treatment of penile problems

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