Prostate diseases and enlargement


Prostate diseases and enlargement

The prostate is one of the glands attached to the reproductive system of men. It performs the process of secreting semen and it plays a major role in the sexual process. Its characteristics are that it grows with the growth of the human body, and it is located in the area between the end of the penis and the beginning of the anus and is related to the penis and testicles. Many diseases affect it, including:


Like any organ in the body, the prostate can be afflicted with forms of inflammation that affect almost all males of all ages and appear in the form of a high temperature, severe pain in that area or the presence of pain when urinating. The inflammation may be an emergency or it may turn into a chronic infection as the patient progresses in age. 

The inflammation may be due to the presence of infections in other organs such as the kidneys, ureters or tonsillitis.

Prostate congestion:

It is one of the most common diseases that affect this part of the body and is most prevalent among young people and adults in the current era. It appears in the form of great pain in the penis with difficulty in urinating and occasional bleeding that shows in urine or ejaculate. This condition may also lead to rapid ejaculation.

Prostate enlargement:

It is the most common disease among the elderly, as this gland grows steadily to the point that it puts pressure on the urethra, and may obstruct or prevent the urination process and lead to urinary retention. This enlargement is considered a type of benign tumor.

Prostate cancer:

It is a type of development of benign prostatic enlargement in which the disease turns into a type of malignancy that can spread to other places in the body.

As for the causes that lead to prostate diseases, they are numerous, some of which are related to genetics, and some of them are related to diet and health habits such as excessive intake of fat and saturated food, obesity, exposure to infectious sexual diseases, watching stimuli and pornographic films, frequent intercourse or the spacing between periods of intercourse between married couples and homosexual practices.

Prostate disease treatment:

Its treatment depends on several medical, medicinal and surgical methods, and you can get rid of prostate pain completely when you decide to visit Dr. Salah Zidan .